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Avengers: Kneel! by Knight-Pepper Avengers: Kneel! :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 0 0 SSSS5 - A Doughnut a Day by Knight-Pepper SSSS5 - A Doughnut a Day :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 10 1
Gintama: The Misadventures of an Early Morning
Title: The Misadventures of an Early Morning
Fandom: Gintama
Characters: Gintoki, Katsura, general cast
Warnings: light language
Words: 6,011
Summary: Patience is a virtue, albeit one which the majority of even occasionally sane human beings sorely lack at three o'clock in the morning. Gintoki, Katsura, and the cast navigate a few such dysfunctional ante meridian hours.
. . . . .
Lesson 1: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
. . . . .
Gintoki huddled in a corner, his back pressed to the wall, a glass containing a half-melted, soupy parfait seized in one hand's white-knuckled grip and his bokuto clutched defensively in the other. The menacing shadows of beings with an insatiable appetite to rival Kagura's and an equally absurd amount of facial hair played starkly over the shōji in cinematic contrast, the color-sapped images accompanied by a chorus of moans and groans and the thump, thump, thump of shuffling
:iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 2 0
Durarara: Baby, It's Cold Inside
Title: Baby, It's Cold Inside
Fandom: Durarara!!
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya, established
Warnings: language
Words: 1,179
- - -
    Shizuo stomped down the dark hallway of a certain Shinjuku apartment building, his boots tracking a trail of melting snow across the imported tile all the way from the elevator doors to the threshold of Izaya's loft.   The hallway was lit only by the dim emergency lights powered by the building's backup generator, but Shizuo tread this same path often enough that he didn't need to worry about tripping over any fine furnishings in the darkness—although smashing one of the celadon vases and its spindly little side table into smithereens might have helped to marginally brighten his decidedly sour mood.
    Upon reaching Izaya's door, Shizuo shifted the unwieldy cloth bundle he carried and braced it against his left arm and shoulder.  The pile of assorted quilts and blankets and boxes of
:iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 1 0
Durarara: I Can't Convey These Feelings by Knight-Pepper Durarara: I Can't Convey These Feelings :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 6 0 PKMN: Gym Leader Natsuki (OC) by Knight-Pepper PKMN: Gym Leader Natsuki (OC) :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 2 2 Faesyl: Concept Art by Knight-Pepper Faesyl: Concept Art :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 0 0 DA2: Tough Love by Knight-Pepper DA2: Tough Love :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 19 4 Faesyl: Charade by Knight-Pepper Faesyl: Charade :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 2 0 Durarara: Revenge Is Sweet (Page 3/3) by Knight-Pepper Durarara: Revenge Is Sweet (Page 3/3) :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 0 1 Durarara: Revenge Is Sweet (Page 2/3) by Knight-Pepper Durarara: Revenge Is Sweet (Page 2/3) :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 0 3 Durarara: Revenge Is Sweet (Page 1/3) by Knight-Pepper Durarara: Revenge Is Sweet (Page 1/3) :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 0 0 DA2: Junk by Knight-Pepper DA2: Junk :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 2 0 DA2: First Impressions by Knight-Pepper DA2: First Impressions :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 9 0 Durarara: Guns and Roses by Knight-Pepper Durarara: Guns and Roses :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 1 2 Durarara: Morning People by Knight-Pepper Durarara: Morning People :iconknight-pepper:Knight-Pepper 7 3


SSSS for Knight-Pepper by LorvicMeow SSSS for Knight-Pepper :iconlorvicmeow:LorvicMeow 9 6 Basketball Hoop by FantasyStock Basketball Hoop :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 18 0 Font 'Certto Headline' by bumbayo Font 'Certto Headline' :iconbumbayo:bumbayo 108 14 Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 38,916 4,099 Fenris Feeling Alone by Prince-in-Disguise Fenris Feeling Alone :iconprince-in-disguise:Prince-in-Disguise 186 77 Let me go Mephisto! by KarinNablerAgain Let me go Mephisto! :iconkarinnableragain:KarinNablerAgain 182 33 starwars crossover by IouII starwars crossover :iconiouii:IouII 28 17 fortune-telling again 0o by Alexia-Muller fortune-telling again 0o :iconalexia-muller:Alexia-Muller 71 25 Drumming to his Dance by obasan45 Drumming to his Dance :iconobasan45:obasan45 108 66 GINTAMA by athensis GINTAMA :iconathensis:athensis 67 20 Bleach: Kid Ukitake by kittykatkanie Bleach: Kid Ukitake :iconkittykatkanie:kittykatkanie 229 37 Gintama: Shoka-sonjuku by sslaris Gintama: Shoka-sonjuku :iconsslaris:sslaris 136 33 Gintoki and orange sweets by Muh-a Gintoki and orange sweets :iconmuh-a:Muh-a 110 36 At your Service by Icaruskun At your Service :iconicaruskun:Icaruskun 31 21 The Dreamer by kaiser-mony The Dreamer :iconkaiser-mony:kaiser-mony 1,801 215



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Dear Santa, Ben, and miscellaneous reindeer,

In the unlikely event that I happen to make the nice list this year (it's a long shot), I'd like to request a kendama, this month's rent, a chocolate parfait, a Bentendo OwEe, and/or any of the following:

:holly: Gintoki cooking breakfast on Christmas morning (Sorachi says he's a good cook!),

:holly: Gintoki and Tsukuyo getting hopelessly drunk together on Christmas Eve,

:holly: Gintoki and Katsura walking through Kabuki-chou on a snowy night and admiring the Christmas lights, or

:holly: Crack crossover prompt: Takasugi, Gintoki, and Katsura dressed respectively as Altair, Ezio, and Connor from the Assassin's Creed series. (reference:…)

A million thank-yous, Santa! :santa: You're da boss, man. Have a very merry Christmas (and a happy New Year)!

~ Kaito

I can't believe it's the SSSS's fifth year already! Those little silver souls grow up so fast. (´;д;`)



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Merry Christmas (belated) :iconsachanyay:
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im rly sorry, bro, i actually had 4 sketches before christmas even, buh i found out i was getting a tabby so i waited (it came on the 4th of jan) LOLOL; SO FUCK ME, HERE U GO NOW <3
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